Track Setups

Bring your race, street or drift car in for all your track minded needs. With the opportunity for in house experimenting and testing at Drift Limits Ltd we have the experience required to ensure that not only you get what you want but at no cost of reliability, keeping you on track…for longer! Have a look at our cars page to see what projects we’ve worked on for Drift Limits Ltd to gauge an idea on our versatility. Our garage being based in Hertfordshire makes it an ideal stop for supporting modifications and maintenance pre and post track days in the southern side of the UK.

A good example of track preparation would be our Ariel Atom. A very competent car from the factory, but everything can be made better! Our in-house centre lock wheel conversion means we can run Formula Renault race wheels and slicks, which greatly increases lateral G and of course cooling modifications, chassis strengthening and reliability modifications. Check it out.