We offer a variety of bespoke fabrication services, these items are not on the shelf so will be made to order. This allows us to customise each product to your vehicle if you have any special requirements. It’s common that we will try and test new ideas and designs on Drift Limits vehicles on track such as cancer bars and 4 point front braces for your MR2 or even tailored manifolds, downpipes, intercooler and intake kits. We have also made various rear wing brackets as seen on the Drift Limits Lamborghini below.

The Drift Limits Ariel Atom is a good example of our broad capabilities, allowing us to fit Formula Renault Race wheels with our very own bespoke centre lock hub adaptors. Although a task like this took months of testing to perfect, it shows a good example of the extent we will go to ensure you get the most from your vehicle. Our garage based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire has the equipment and/or contacts to make most ideas a reality so please do call us for a quotation.