Bluetooth PRO 4-Wheel Alignment

At Drift Limits Performance we hold state of the art Bluetooth Pro 4 wheel alignment technology in our garage based in Hertfordshire. We can offer a variety of 4 wheel alignment set ups for your vehicle, whether it’s for Drifting, Grip/track driving or your everyday road car. The 6 sensor 4 wheel alignment is fully wireless using the latest Bluetooth technology. Just like the old fashioned camber/castor gauge, or equally outdated laser alignment, our Bluetooth wheel alignment equipment draws a box around the car and a calculating suspension angles before transmitting the information wirelessly. The computer compares the results with over 40,000 OEM settings and is manufacturer approved.

As a base we offer a an alignment at a flat rate of £90. From there we can discuss with you where you would like to go from there. Typically a standard alignment will take two hours including the diagnosis*. Being the only performance garage in the UK with a grip and drift circuit on its door step you can have confidence in the testing and time we’ve spent on different geometry settings for various applications. Once your vehicle has been aligned your geometry settings are permanently on our database for future reference.

If you would like any advice on what alignment setup would be best for your vehicle/driving style please don’t be afraid to send us an e-mail to and our team will be happy to assist.

*Labour is charged at £60 per hour after the diagnosis. Two hours is a guide, aftermarket control arms, rusted/seized bolts can cause delays.

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