Duncan's Toyota/Lexus Soarer

Duncan’s Soarer is at the near beginning of its build. Off to a great start with a 1JZGTE which will be a great platform for his intentions. Don’t let the “Symphony of Beige” lead you to the impression this will be a subtle and civilised build as it’ll be soon going under the knife and coming out with a full drift set up.

Future Plans

As above this Soarer will be undergoing a full drift set up: Manual conversion, Rota D2ex wheels, steering lock kit, suspension components and power upgrades.


  • 1JZGTE
  • EMP induction kit
  • EMP Turbo back exhaust
  • Front Mount intercooler
  • Benchmark Coil packs


  • ACE Aviators alloys
  • LS400 Calipers & Discs


  • HSD Dualtech Coilovers