Conor's NB MX-5

MX-5s are a great canvas for modification, a car which already holds 50/50 weight distribution. Conor’s has been moulded around keeping some (although minimal) practicalities to allow daily use but still ideal for drift practice days across the country.

Future Plans

In the coming months this NB will be under going a full engine rebuild holding forged rods and pistons, bored out to hold 84mm pistons. The head will also be rebuilt with new valve seals.

To compliment the rebuild it’ll be equipped with a T28 turbo and ME221 management, all of which will be installed at Drift Limits Performance.

We are hoping for over 100% power increase landing at around 300hp.


  • K&N Intake system
  • Oem Strut brace
  • Aftermarket exhaust manifold heat shield
  • DriftWorks Supercool radiator
  • IL Motorsport exhaust mid pipe
  • MX5 Parts back box


  • HSD Dual-Tech coilovers
  • Extended front lower ball joints
  • DriftWorks rear adjustable camber arms
  • Racing Beat adjustable rear anti roll bar
  • GCFrabrication GC1 Roll bar
  • Drift Limits Performance Sump Guard


  • BOMEX front bumper
  • BOMEX side skirts
  • Aftermarket front canards
  • Zeromotive rear canards
  • Carbon Miata roof wing


  • OEM Big brake kit all round
  • WORK Emotion CR Kai 15×8 ET5
  • Advan AD08 tyres